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    Any way to Simplify adding Drivers to the Driver Library?


      Sometimes I ask stupid questions then turn around and figure them out and realize just how stupid the question was, but so far I can't figure this one out and haven't found anything on it in the community forums, so if it's a stupid question, well, it happens.


      We have 13 models of Dell desktops and laptops that we support in our environment.  Dell has conveniently packaged all of their drivers for a certain model in a 'Driver Pack' that I can download and unzip and Viola!  There are all the potential drivers for all the different hardware for that model all unzipped into conveniently named subfolders like 'VIDEO' and 'AUDIO' and the like.


      I have been building my LDMS Driver Library for HII and have run into a conundrum.  While building the driver library, I am looking for the .INF file for each hardware type.  Unfortunately, there can be multiple .INF files for each piece of hardware, all in different sub-folders.  For instance, if I choose an nVidia video driver folder, it may have 11 total subfolders, half or more containing .INF files for different components of the hardware, like high-def video and audio and the like.  I can browse to the root folder for that driver and the Driver Library interface will show me every file it finds in every subfolder, but it then forces me to choose an individual folder with an .INF file in it, and won't let me select multiple of those sub-directories at once.  If there are 4-6 subfolders for that piece of hardware that contain .INF files, I have to create 4-6 Driver Files for that piece of hardware in the Driver Library - IE. nVidia model XXXX 1 of 6; 2 of 6; 3 of 6; etc.  With up to 30+ drivers for each model, with 2/3 of those drivers containing multiple subfolders with different .INF files in them, multipled by what seems a miniscule 13 models of Dell computers, it becomes a daunting and time consuming process.


      I thought to myself "Well I will be brilliant and just pull the contents of each sub-folder and move them to the root folder for that piece of hardware, because I'm smart like that", only to realize I ain't that smart, apparently, because there are multiple files with the same name that want to overwrite each other or name themselves 'Driver File - COPY.INF', and then they don't get called properly when installed and things just get messier.


      I looked at "Capturing" the installation for each driver and packaging that into the library, but that would wind up being twice as time consuming, grabbing that model computer from stock, installing an OS, installing each driver and capturing it, moving that into my DL location on the server, then using the DL interface to add it to the library.  And what about those drivers that model doesn't have the hardware for?  The install looks for the hardware, can't find it, stops the driver installation, and my capture becomes useless.  Oy!


      So I am wondering that, since the DL interface "See's" every single file in every single sub-folder for that particular driver when I open the root folder, is there a way to tell it "Just upload all of that, dangit, and stop making me chose a specific .INF file in a specific folder for this hardware because I need ALL those .INF files!"  Any way?  Any one?  Bueller...?


      Thanks for any help.

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          cplatero SupportEmployee

          You're going to love SP3.  We've changed it to only ask for a directory and we grab all the files from that directory and sub-directories.


          Unfortunetly until then you'll have to add them individually.

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            Well that just made my day!  My boss, not so much, because all bosses want everything yesterday.  But thanks for that very promising update!


            So here is a question for you that you may or may not be able to answer:


            I just spoke with my SysAdmin, who told me "Yeah, we have a Beta of SP3.  I haven't installed it yet into our test environment.", which imediately got my brain cogs to overclocking and produce an acrid smoke from my ears.  "I wonder..."  said I as I stroked my chin fuzz and looked contemplatively skyward at nothing in particular.  "If I were to have my SysAdmin install SP3 Beta in our test environment, and I were to build my Driver Library in that test environment using the SO MUCH EASIER SP3 driver solution that you elude to, could I then export that library to my production LDMS SP2...?"


            I think the answer very likely lies in the question - SP3 does something that SP2 currently does not - but I have found in my many years that it rarely ever hurts to ask (and if it does, the pain only lasts so long and even more rarely leaves a scar).  If I CAN do it, then HUZZAH!  A bust of my grinning profile will forever adorn the walls of my bosses cube!  If not, I can struggle along with the vastly tedious process I have come to know and loath, and I can probably find some noice-cancelling headphones to drown out the constant drone of my my boss asking when I'm going to be done with all of this.


            Oh SP3, wherefor art thou... 

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              cplatero SupportEmployee

              No offical date for SP3, but as you can tell we are finishing up the beta.


              We made a lot of changes to the driver library, it will be stored in a SQLite db3 file so it isn't possible to move it over to your SP2 core and have it work.

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                Noice-cancelling headphones it is!


                Looking very much forward to a production release of SP3 purely for that one reason, although I'm sure it has several improvements.  Thanks again for the update!