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    How to change the destination directory of the distribution ; sdmcache




      How to change the destination directory of the distribution? The default directory is sdmcache but I would put the temp folder to a package.
      The objective is to store files for distribution (  multicast only cache) for 1 month and later to launch a setup on all computers, but all files must be present in the temp folder on each pc.




      Landesk 9 SP2

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          cplatero SupportEmployee

          Set this key to the location you want for the sdmcache directory (remove wow6432Node for 32bit systems): HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\Distribution\Multicast\Cache Directory


          Then restart the LANDesk Targeted Multicast service.

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            Catalysttgj Expert

            Consider also that you might want your agent deployment to install with the SDMcache already customized the way you want it.

            If this interests you'll need to take a look at the NTSTACFG.IN# and NTSTACFG.INI that are located in your core under the ldlogon directory.

            Keep in mind that editing these files is very risky, so be very careful, make backups, and remember that anytime you install a patch on your core, you'll probably want to review these files to make sure that they haven't lost the customizations that you previosuly made to them. Once you tweak these as you want them, you'll need to hit the "rebuild all" button in the console in the Agent configuration panel, and then you'll need to recreate your self contained executables for the agents if you have them, and as well recreate any advance agents if you have those also. Remember, this is a global change. It will affect ALL the windows agent installers, if you make changes to the NTSTACFG files.


            We have the SDMcache folder customized to a folder on a D drive partition in our environment, and before we incorporated the changes directly into the agent configuration, it was a lot of extra work\thoughts\worries to be wondering what position the SDMcache was really in, especially after reinstallation of agents whenever that came up. Now that its part of our agent, its much more pleasant. As mentioned, since its a global thing, it might not be a solution for you. If not you could always build a custom definition patch to tweak this where appropriate (limits can be decided on OS and what not this way.), and then set it to autofix, so when a device performs a security scan it would adjust also. We have this in place in our environment as well, and it does a good job of correcting any devices that were in place with and older agent installation that didn't have the customized arrangement.


            There are many things you can tweak via the NTSTACFG files, so you may want to research this here inthe forum carefully before you commit to do it. There may be other things that you want to get accomplished. Another for us was preserving the LDCUSTOM.DAT (client side storage file for any custom data forms information) file which can have a tendency to getting wiped out with a new agent installation. Another was changing the Discard period for stuff in the SDMcache. Currently the default value is only 14 days. Again, while its possible to tweak registry values directly in the agent, it is a much more efficient thing to get it into the agent configuration. You can search on these topics on the forum and you should find the docs that explain how all of these edits can be accomplished, but if you have some specific trouble with these, just let me know.


            One note on Discard Period. There are two of these, one for local and one for subnet rep. Both can be set to the same or can be different. The maximum recognized value for both of them is 365 days. Anything greater is ignored.


            Good luck!

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              corey.swan Employee

              Please note this is no longer the case with 9.6 SP2. The post-SP2 method of changing the SDMCache location is found here: How to change the location of the SDMCACHE folder and configure the days files stay in cache.