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    Client Inventory Scan Settings






      I need some help/clarification in regards to the Run Inventory Scan settings on my clients. My clients are currently setup to run Event Driven scans everytime a user log ins or if an IP address changes(because we use DHCP) and I just recently found out that for some reason there is a Scheduled-Driven scan launched everyday at 8:30 am. Am I correct in my thinking that if I have a user that logs in at 7:30 a scan is sent and then that same user/machine sends another scan at 8:30? We have the at log in option selected because we are a school district and have a high amount of student machines and we want to keep track of what user is logged on to those machines realtime or as close as possible. Am I correct in my thinking that each time a student logs on to a mahcine an inventory scan is sent with their login information?









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          Those Inventory Scans are running with a randomization of 60 minutes so potentially the scan can kick off any time within 60 minutes of login. 






          By deafult you are only running a Software Scan once a day, every time after that during the day is hardware only.  I'm not 100%, but I think the login is included in the hardware scan.  



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            Yes you are correct the Windows\Current Version Run key will kick off a scan at each login. This however may only be a Hardware scan (based on your setting in Inventory Advanced Options) the default for Software scanning is once a day so if they did a software scan at first login that would be it until the next day, but this can be changed to every login as well.



            As far as the Local Task that is running daily my recommendation would be to reschedule that to be in the afternoon. This is intended to get a scan when you have users that do not log out but just lock their machine. The Local Schduler task will ensure you get a scan at least daily.



            Login info is included with the H/w Scan so this should not be an issue.



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              if you have a startup scan enabled (using run key) and you also have a scheduled scan set for 8:30 that repeats daily, then yes, you will get two scans.



              Have you checked what tasks your local scheduler is populated with? You can do this by opening a command prompt, navigating to your ldclient directory and typing "localsch.exe /tasks | more" The pipe (vertical bar) key is located on the backslash key. Shift-Backslash






              Try that and post the results here if you don't mind.



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                Here is the log you asked for.









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                  It looks like you have a few duplicate tasks. For example 9, 10, and 11 are the same thing so amclient is running 3 time in a row. As far as the inventory scanner goes it looks like it's set to run once a day and this particular client is set to run at 7:17 so within 60 minutes an inventory scanner will kick off in addition to the one that's in the registry key. So it looks like you are good there.


                  I would look at your agent config just to make sure everything is set up how you want it and maybe schedule an agent config update on this client cause it does look like you have a couple duplicate things being run in here.



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                    This does verify what has been stated in the earlier posts. Looking at your original question Here is what I believe is your answer



                    Run this command on this client from Start run or a dos prompt.;



                    "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE" /f- /g /o=scan.scn /V  **the switches /f- (disable software scan) and g (scan services) will basically simulate what you would get if a software scan has been run already today and your setting are once a day.



                    Browse to the ldclient directory and open scan.scn in Notepad.



                    Do a search for Login Name .



                    This will confirm that a Hardware Scan will pick up the information that you are looking for.



                    My earlier recommendation to change the time of day for the scheduled scan to later in the day is still germane.






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                      Depending on your needs, you may also want to change the frequency of your scheduled scan from 86400 (1 day) to 259200 (3 days). If you are getting a scan at every login, having the scheduled scan run daily isn't really necessary.