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    installation Order

      I've already googled but unfortunately I have not figured out how to sequence the LANDesk packages installed on the client. Is it like after the name of schedulded tasks?
      Thank you for the help


      greetings fabian
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          If you mean Software Packages, than the best way, is to use a provisioning Task.

          (System Configuration - Add Action - Software Distribute)

          Here you can deploy for example all Standart X64 Tools to your client in a Sequence.


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          PS: If you mean a Sequence by the normal Software Install, it's only possible to install a

          dependent Package, but nothing more....an Enhancement Request for this already exists here:


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            Catalysttgj Expert

            I'm pretty sure that the order of installation will be based on the order in which they are created. Every task has an ID, and every distribution package also has one, so the trick on this one is which does it go by? I want to say it goes by the task ID and not the package ID. To test this you could create a couple of packages. Name the first one you make with a higher alpha numeric name that the second one that you make.(This will effectively also test an order based on their name alone.) After you make the two packages, make a task that can install the first one you make. Then make a task to install the second one.  Target both tasks to a device. You'd probably want to try this as a "required policy", so that they would install automatically on the targeted device when you launch the desktop manager, and not before that. Start these tasks, wait a couple minutes, and then go to your agent and run the desktop manager, or policy based delivery (for 8.7 or older), then you can check the logs and see which order they installed in. Now after that test, delete the first task, and then recreate it again. This recreated task will now have a higher ID number than the second one. You'll need to reset these required policies so that they will rerun again on the targeted device, so when you schedule them them again, be sure to choose "ALL" for the target. That should get them going again on the device. Worst case, just target a different device so that you won't have the issue of the rerun. After this perform the agent test again, and look at the logs to see which order it installed in. It should reveal that its going by the task ID numbers. The package ID's will be the same even though you've changed one of the task ID's by deleting and recreating it.


            Alternatively, wait and see if anyone else says this is right or wrong! :-)



            Hope that helps, and wasn't too confusing, but please don't assume i'm right here, because i have slept since the last time i paid attention to this! :-)


            Good luck!

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              This is why all prefer the Provisioning Task.

              Then you know exactly the Order and only need 1 Task to schedule all Packages.

              That new Task queuing Thing made us more problems than it gives back to us.


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