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    Query/Report for SLAs


      Hi everyone.  I am trying to build a query/report that can tell 'by support group' and 'Response Level", how many incidents were open during a month, out of those how many were closed/resolved, and how many breached.  I have been playing around w/some queries but not having much luck.  Any one have any suggestions?  Thanks!



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          I can't think of any way to do this in LANDesk, I think you would need to use Crystal Reports for this. You could write 3 separate queries to return the information you want but it would probably be more useful in a Crystal Report where it's all together.



          Hadyn Dawson

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            Can you help point me in what I would need to add to the report in order to gain this info?  I am just not very familiar w/Crystal Reports yet.  Thank you!

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              Pretty sure you can do a query of Incident.Incident and use groupings on "support group", "Response Level", "Status", and then "Is Breached".  Then use criteria to control the date range and filter anything else you want.  The nice thing about a query is it starts non expanded so you can see the totals.


              1st levels shows your support groups

              2nd level shows response level for each support group

              3rd level shows status for each response level of each support group

              4th level shows qty breached (True) and qty non breached (False) for each status of each response level of each support group


              To make it look really nice and have totals and full expansion with or without details, you will need to use Crystal Reports.  I too don't know Crystal Reports very well as I use Access a lot.  I found it easier to find the data using MS Access.  It's easy to build and test queries to see if the correct data can be found (it's not easy).  The Crystal Report for Incidents links just about every table you will need so its a good starting point for seeing how tables link together.  Incident.rpt is also a good report to start with for making other reports as many of the tables are already there and linked when you go to Crystal Reports to make a real report.


              It sure would be nice if there was a library of reports people use so we would not have to re-invent the wheel all the time.  It is far easier to change what someone else is did than starting new.