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    How to hide/disabled field in LANDesk Service Desk 7.4


      Hi Friends,


      I know maybe this question is so simple for you all

      I hope you don't mind to help me..


      So here is the case :


      Let's say in one form (form A), i have 2 part of that form (form A.1 --> above part and form A.2 --> below part) and checkbox "X"


      I want to make it like this :


      In form A, form A.1 (above part) always enabled, and it is possible to fill all the field in form A.1


      If the checkbox "X" is unchecked, the form A.2 (below part) is hidden/disabled, but if checkbox "X" is checked the form A.2 (below part) is become enabled or it is possible fo fill the field in form A.2


      Any ide how to fullfill that??


      Thank you so much..