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    DHCP Options for vPro configuration in LANDesk


      I'm been slowly researching configuring vPro with our LANDesk 9.0 SP2 console but I have a couple questions.  I would like to be able to use zero-touch provisioning with our LANDesk console.   I've currently enabled and set a password to sync across all vPro devices that are currently in the LANDesk console.


      I'm in the process of purchasing a VeriSign certificate to place on our coreserver.  The CSR uses the FQDN of our core server.  No problems setting this up.


      I have a couple questions regarding the DHCP/DNS configuration that is required.  As I work in a heavily decentralized, I unable unable to change options on our DHCP servers.


      Currently, our DHCP server is setup with DHCP option 15 which points to our domain name.  I was reading that we would have to setup a CNAME to point to ProvisionServer.domain which points to our LANDesk Core IP address.  I have the ability to do this so it shouldnt be a problem.


      Am I correct in thinking that clients should basically be able to find our LANDesk Core if I setup a CNAME to point to ProvisionServer.domain which resolves to our core server IP?


      My other concern is our DHCP server is not setup for update dynamic DNS. In the LANDesk vPro documentation I was reading it states that "it is recommended that the client DHCP be configured to support Option 81"   Unfortunately, I dont have a way of enabling this on our DHCP server.


      Will zero touch provisioning still work?


      Also, the majority of vPro clients that I'm trying to use already have the LANDesk agent deployed to them.  Are there other specific settings I need enable on the clients?