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    Timeout before acquiring an IP address during Provisioning




      Recently I just migrated to a new PXE Representative.

      When testing out provisioning,  I encountered the above error. Please see screenshot attached below.




      Below is what I have tried to verified before I tested out provisioning using the new PXE Rep:


      - Old PXE Rep was shutted down

      - Bare Metal and PXE Rep are on same subnet.

      - Only 1 OSD task pointing to same Bare Metal.

      - PXE services are running (start) on new PXE Rep.

      - LANDeskAdmin accounnt is not lock.

      - Under LANDesk Configure Services, scheduler account is started status.

      - Under LANDesk Configure Services, new PXE Rep seen in available proxies column.

      - New PXE Rep seen in PXE Representatives folder under Network View, Configuration.


      If I switched back to the old PXE Rep, Provisioning is succesful. Please advise what could be the possible cause of this issue?