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    Media file scans


      Can anyone offer some advice & guidance on file scanning via the inventory scan. We currently only scan for EXEs, but would like to scan for media files etc, does anyone know what sort of load this is likely to put on the client.

      Or is there a neater way of accomplishing this outside of an inventory scan. The draw towards the inventory scan was due to the fact that the data can be got at via reporting.

      The plan is to run this once every quarter, hence running this via an inventory scan three times a week might be an over kill.


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          If it is just the number and total size of media files that you need then you are already doing it! There is a list of common media file extensions in the ldappl3.template file, customise this to meet your needs, click "Make availible to clients" in the tool bar of the "Manage File List" component - and its done. The extra load will be minimal - since this has been happening all the time anyway. The results appear in inventory under MultiMedia Files.