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    Custom Data From File Appears to be Corrupt

    kdavies Apprentice

      I do not see this problem mentioned anywhere, but has anyone had a problem with supposedly corrupted custom data forms under LANDesk 9.0 SP2?


      We use custom data forms for tracking additional asset data, and a small number of clients show an error message when launching the custom data form application. The error message is that the form definition file appears to be corrupt. howver, going through the definition file on the local clinet and on the core server shows no trace of anything being wrong. Editing the form definition through the console shows no problem, and only a small number of clients show this error even though the same form has been deployed to all of our clients as part of the agent installation.


      Deleting the form definition (and the custom data as well) and reloading the form fixes nothing.


      I am mystified at what the cause might be.


      Custom Data Form Error.png

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          It has been a long time since I worked with Custom Forms, but since this looks like it is coming from your core, I would fimd the form from a system that does not have any issues and copy to the client with an issue and see if that works... if so, back up the one on the core and replace it with the good one.

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            Have you found a solution to this yet?  I'm getting the same error on some Windows 7 PC's.  I also checked the form definition file on the server and clients and they appear to be just fine.


            Here's some history:

            • After I applied LD90-SP2-MCP_SD-2011-0428, All my windows 7 pc's that had a logged in user with basic rights (not an admin) would have a crashed custom data form error message every day when it did the scheduled inventory scan.
            • The solution to the previous was to roll back ldiscn32.exe to version
            • Now I've been getting the corrupt data form message that you've been having.  This happens on a win7 pc whether the user has admin rights or not, and whether or not the custom data form is filled out or not.
            • I can manually open the custom data form and manually run an inventory scan without an error


            So it appears this error only occurs when a scheduled inventory scan is run

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              kdavies Apprentice



              This was the hotfix that we applied that rid us of the corrupted custom data forms issue although it did leave behind corruptions of the form field names in the database. You may end up having to clean up your database if that happens. I hope this works for you.