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    CutePDF Printer


      Hi All,


      I am new to LANDesk so I hope this is not a too noob of a question but I have searched and haven't found my ansewer.


      I am trying to build a distro package for CutePDF (free PDF printer software).  When you manually install this there is a prerequsite piece of software that also needs to be installed.  This comes as a separate package called converter.exe.  So here is what I did.


      1. Extracted converter.exe.  Out of that comes setup.exe and a bunch of other files.

      2. Created a distro package with setup.exe as the main file and all the other files as  'additional files'

      3. Created a distro package for CutePDF with the /verysilent tag (not sure if this works yet since it won't actually install)

      4. Made the converter.exe package a Dependant Package of the CutePDF package.


      It gets as far as "Machine successfully discovered" as a result and that's about it.  Anyone have any ideas?  I am using Management Suite version


      Thanks in advance.

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          I tried to package CutePDF but I didn't succeed.

          I find PDF Creator, which make the same think, and in 10 minutes, the package was created and succeed.


          Why do you what to stay with CutePDF ?

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            CutePDF is what we use here and sometimes trying to change things around here is like pullung teeth.  Thanks for the info.  I will try with PDF Creator and see if I can convince the powers that be to switch.

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              OK, so here's a good reason NOT to use PDFCreator.  I don't trust it.  Upon installing I unchecked BOTH boxes for installing toolbars.  One was for Yahoo and one was the Ask Toolbar or something.  So I chose to install neither.  Yet when I opened IE after installing...HOLY CRAP there's a toolbar.  It's easy to uninstall and I'm sure there is a switch to automate it, but I don't trust the software that installs Crapware even when you tell it not too.


              Anyone else have a free PDF printer application they have successfully installed via software distribution?

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                But yon can in a VBS stop the installation of the 2 toolbars without problems.

                You create a .inf with this code


                Dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFCreator
                Components=program,ghostscript, helpfiles,helpfiles\french,languages,languages\english,languages\french



                After, in your VBS, you put the code and change a registry Key if you don't want to update the sift


                "PDFCreator-1_2_3_setup.exe /LOADINF=""pdfcreator.inf"" /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /NOICONS /DontUseYahooSearch ",0,True


                And after, no toolbars, no update.

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                  You could use Microsoft Office 2007 and up has PDF Save As option you can download it in Office 2007 I use that instead of other PDF creators.

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                    That's a good idea, but we need to print some non-Office documents, like web pages for instance.   And our entire company is already used to using a "printer" to create PDFs so its easier to not have to retrain hundreds of employees.

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                      I have created a package with AutoIT and have installed CutePDF successfully for 2 years now.  I have attached the .au3 file.



                      This will create a folder in the root of C: called Installs, and will copy the files there for installation.  You will need to extract the exe (I use 7-zip) for both CutePDF and the Converter.  You will then need to put the location of those folders into the 2 functions in this $souce variable in this script, the CutePDF file location goes into the WriterInstallation() function, and the Converter file location goes into the ScriptInstallation() function.


                      I am in no means a master with AutoIt and I am sure that there is a better file somewhere out there, but I do know that this one has worked 100% of the time



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                        Thanks Scott!  This looks like it'll work better than my attempts.  However, I'm running into an issue.  The main one being I can't extract the cutewriter.exe (I use 7-Zip as well).  I did extract converter.exe and modified the source and destination paths to match my environment.  LANDesk queues the task at the client, but never runs.  I also don't see the script or any associated files copy down to  C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache where my other packages go to.  I did browse to the LANDesk distro share and ran the compiled exe manually and the installer comes up.  But it asks all the questions that are supposed to be auto-answer.  Maybe I did something wrong.  After I made the changes in the script I compiled it to an exe, copied that up to the network share and built the package around just that one exe.  No associated files or anything because I was assuming the script will just pull them from the server...


                        As I type this I wonder about share permissions.  I'm gonna go try it from a different share.

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                          To extract the exe., run the install of CutePDF until you get to the screen that says you need the PS2PDF converter with the YES/NO buttons.  Leave that up and then browse to (I am using Window 7) C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Local\Temp\  Then sort the files by Date Modified and look for a folder like "ris-31U9B.tmp" or something to that effect.  Inside that folder there will be a the install files that you need for in installation of CutePDF

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                            We are running version CutePDF Writer and use 7zip to compress all the file and do the install as a bat file.


                            Below is what our install.bat look like.


                            7za.exe x -y cutewriter.7z

                            setup.exe /AUTO /s

                            cutewriter.exe /verysilent /no3d

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                              Now I'm feeling dumb because I can't get either of these options to work.  I tried extracting both the EXE's and storing them on the LD server share.  They copy down but the setups never run.  When I run it manually from the target machine it installs, but not silently.


                              I tried using the 7Zip method as well and I get the same thing.  The files seem to copy down, but the install never kicks off.


                              I also tried my own method of writing a bat file from scratch that should copy the files locally and run the installs one at a time.  The thing that gets me is this.  The bat files should have to specify copying the files down because I should be able to use the "Addition Files" tab to have the files download to the target machine. But when I do, the files copy but the Management Console shows an error of "Failed to download all the additional files".


                              At this point I will just come out and ask straight up.  If someone has a fully functioning bat, script, whatever that I can get from you and just change the file locations to my own, I would love that.  I thought the au3 file that was posted before would be it but I can't seem to get it working properly.


                              Or maybe I just need to steop away from this for a few days and come back to is fresh next week.

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                                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                                Any time you go into the package, be sure and right click on it and reset the hash

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                                  derekhamaker Apprentice

                                  We captured the install as we wanted as a standalone isolated MSI using AdminStudio repackager 7.5


                                  The install deployment requires a reboot, but it works flawlessly.

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                                    I glanced throught his pretty quickly but think I'm more or less up to speed.  If not, please forgive me.


                                    I have one question about early on in this thread where it was mentioned that the task gets as far as Machine Successfully Discovered and then appears to hang.  If you go to the device you attempted to deploy to do you see sdclient.exe running in the process list of task manager?  I would imagine you would also see the executable it should be running at the time (either converter.exe or the CutePDF installer exe).  It would need to be listing process for all users.


                                    You can also verify that this is the problem by looking in the ldclient\data directory and finding the sdclient_taskX.log file where X is the task ID number.  I usually just run the task and then look for the most recently modified task log.  Once you've got that opened you can look and see if the last line says Processing Generic Executable (or something like that).  That line in the log indicates that we've downloaded all the necessary files and are now attempting to run the primary executable.  If we have no more lines it means that executable is still running.  If it's been a dramatically longer time than you would expect that executable to take then it is very likely it is stuck while processing.


                                    Usually when this happens the behind the scenes problem is that a missing or wrong silent install parameter is causing a dialog box to come up.  Since we are running as local system the end user will never see this dialog box and it will wait in perpetuity forever and without end (until the machine reboots or SDClient is killed).  Obviously this is a pretty crummy situation we want to avoid, so the solution is to find out what is going wrong with the command lines and making sure our install can run completely automated and completely silent.


                                    To find out for sure if this is the situation kill the primary executable (converter.exe in this case, it sounds like) and see if SDClient.exe also closes.  If you've got queued tasks from multiple deployment attempts you may need to repeat this a few times to clear out the queue.  Then you have two options.  1 is to change the package settings to run as current user (so any popup will show up on the screen) and the other is to open a command prompt, browse to where the files are downloaded, and run the executable with the exact same parameters as you have setup on your distribution package.  If you have to take any action at all (even just clicking "OK" at the end) then this is most likely the problem that is causing the install to fail.


                                    If it happens to go through then let me know and we can talk about how to verify that this package will install as LocalSystem, which is a slightly different set of instructions.  Try the above stuff first and let me know where that gets you.  Again, if I'm so far out of whack with this problem that I'm just wasting your time then let me know and I'll apologize profusely and try to be better prepared next time.  [-8

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