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    Inbound Emails not Setting escalation Points


      I have created quite a process to deal with our service desk needs.  One thing that is getting me stuck though is handling the inbound emails I wanted the Inbound emails to be held in Response Pending until the Condition was met that Category, Impact and Urgency were set.  I have a impact / urgency Response agreement so that you select Impact and Urgency and that drives the response levels.  What is happening is that the Incident is coming in going to the pending state as the condition is no to "category set " this is what I want, but when you select the mandatory fields category, impact and urgency it drives the Repsonse Level but it does not set the Escallation points nothing in actual fact appears in the Tree.  I have tried making it send the job back to open status to see if that will set the escalation state nothing happens.  I also tried setting a template with just the Repsonse Level set so that it creates the escalation however this worked but then the Impact and Urgency when you select them does not change the Reponse Level to anythign when you complete the Mandatory fields.  I am clearly missing something, when you create an incident within the Console no Problem because mandatory is to set the category, impact and urgency.  One note additinal to this is that category is not a part of the Reponse Level Agreements.


      Thanks image of process attached.