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    Query designer - "String was not recognised as a valid datetime"



      we have had a number of queries that are based on the 'Incident Task' object.


      If we try to add the 'Breach Time' attribute from the parent 'Incident' record to the query and try to display the results we get an unhandled exceptionerror...


      "String was not recognised as a valid datetime"


      Can anyone shine any light on why this error is being displayed?


      This only happens when we navigate from any collection item up to the 'parent' Incident - if we query the Incident directly the Breach Time displays correctly.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          I'm afraid that this is a software issue which is currently due to be fixed in the 7.5 release.  Basically what is happening is that if there are any NULL or blank fields in the database within that column the query will try to fill the column with the isname attribute on that object.  In this instance it is trying to fill a datetime column with a value that is not a datetime value hence the error that you see.  The problem reference for this is 4646.


          I'm afraid that there isn't really a workaround for this apart from what you've already realised which is to base your query on the top level parent object rather than on the collection object.


          Best wishes


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            You may be able to use a copy rule or calculation as a means of working around the known problem Karen mentioned, i.e. create an attribute on Task to hold the value from Incident then populate it using a calculation or copy rule anjd display this field on queries instead of the Parent attribute.