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    \\Server\packages share change


      So my server has run out of space, and I have another storage array with 300GB of space... What I want to do is move my \\server\packages share to the E Drive and free up 50GB or so on D where the current packages share is. 


      Sure I can just create a folder on E and replicate the Share Permissions and NTFS permissions... but is that all I need to do?
      I normally push patches through unc name but I figure I will also need to update the IIS share as well for other LANDesk type things.


      Before I pull the trigger on this I figured I would ask the experts if there is an official process.  Thanks!

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          Kill the old Share

          Make a new Share on the same Server with the same name

          Create Web (HTTP) Sharing

          Set permissions


          How to properly set up a web and UNC share for the new patch location

          Creating the UNC Share

          1. Connect directory or through remote desktop to the share server where the patches will be stored.
          2. Create a new directory.
          3. Right-click the newly created directory and choose "Sharing and Security".
          4. Click the Sharing Tab.
          5. Click "Share this folder".
          6. Verify the Share name is correct.
          7. Click "Permissions".
          8. An account needs Full control permissions to this UNC share. These  are the credentials you will use in step 3 of "Changing Patch Location"  (In download updates  tool).  Note: You will also need to set up the  permissions on the new share to have the same security settings as the  original patch location.
          9. Click "OK".
          10. If you click "Test settings" when you are setting the patch location  in the Security and Patch Manager Tool and you get the error "Failed to  write test file to UNC path  +ServerName\sharename+\TestWritePatchData.txt" it means you have not  given the user in the credentials field write rights to the share.


          Creating the Web Share

          1. Right click on the folder you want to share and select Properties.
          2. Click on the Web Sharing tab.
          3. Click "Share this folder."
          4. Check "Read" and "Directory browsing."
          5. Click OK once.
          6. Click on the Security tab.
          7. Add the IUSR_computername account and give it "Read & Execute" permissions.
          8. Click OK.
          9. Open IIS Manager, navigate to the default web site and expand its contents.
          10. Right click on the newly created virtual directory and select properties
          11. Click on the Directory Security tab, then "Edit..." under Authentication and access control.
          12. Check "Enable anonymous access" and apply the changes.
          13. If you click "Test settings" when you are setting the patch location  in the Security and Patch Manager Tool and you get the error "Failed to  read test file from HTTP URL http://+servername+/+sharename+/TestWritePatchData.txt"  it means you have not enabled Anonymous access correctly (Steps 7 -  12). If you have moved the patch directory to a new server and receive  an "HTTP Error 404 File or Directory not found" when attempting to  download any files, Open the IIS manager, right click the Web directory,  choose properties, click the HTTP Headers tab, click MIME types..., and  add .* All File Types to the MIME types. Now at the run line type  iisreset and after IIS restarts the files should be available for  download.


          You may also need to change (check) your Replication Tool.

          If you use Content Replication from Landesk, you need to check your Sources.

          But if you also used UNC Paths there, all should be okay.


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