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    LDMS Data Import


      I have created a data import for our LANDesk Server.  I keep getting the following logs when testing.


      17/11/2011 2:44:37 PM : Import Started [TEST MODE]
      17/11/2011 2:44:37 PM : There are no objects in the database to Import or the datasource could not be accessed. Make sure the datasource is not locked by another application or another user.
      17/11/2011 2:44:37 PM : No Source Objects found
      17/11/2011 2:44:37 PM : Import Ended
      17/11/2011 2:44:37 PM : This import took 00:00:00


      I have reboot the LANDesk Server I have checked the SA Account for connecting however there is nothing that seems to work.  I am running this on a Windows 2008 R2 6bit which I thought may run the import under 32bit still no luck, also I have tried what was mentioned in another post and that is use the default attributes and test still nothing comes across.


      Please help assist me in getting this import complete.

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          Hi Shaun,


          If you create a query against this data source and run it does this return anything, nothing or an error? Sometimes the query will show an error which is more helpful in troubleshooting these problems.




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            I did the query results test and get the following error when trying to run it, I thought it was records within the Landesk Computer table but they seem ok and as far as I can see their is no foreign characters either have checked heaps of times.


            Error from Query:


            Results view encountered the following issue and cannot run:

            Value cannot be null.

            Parameter name: Type


            Thanks for your response

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              Hi Shaun,


              That error would indicate there is a NULL value in one column which shouldn't be there. I would look at querying SQL for any NULL values in the different columns in LDMS, and also be aware I've seen issues with LDMS connections where the RAM, IP Address and other columns with numbers have incorrect formats or odd characters in them.


              Another thing to ry would be to use the generic SQL connector to connect to the LDMS database and see if this presents that same problem, if not then I would raise this with LANDesk support.




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                Thanks will see how that goes.  Even though I am only running the Import Data on the two default attributes is it my understanding that other columns would affect this.



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                  I have ran a SQL Server Profiler to see what happens, When I test the connection in Data Connections straight away it does a connection and results come up in SQL Server Profiler.  Soon as  I try to do a import data test or a query on the connection their is absolutely no attempt at connection to the database.


                  Can anyone assist with this, there seems to be something missing in the entire configuration.

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                    The problem ultimately was that the App Server was pointing at the Webserver and once the configuration file was pointed back at the apps server where the landesk console and configuration was set up it started to work.


                    This was discovered through support..

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                      Good get - I had the same problem with an Excel import after my v7.5 upgrade - the config files for console on the app server had been pointing at the web server.  When I changed these back to the app server, it worked fine.