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    Issue with scopes in LANDesk 9 sp2


      I have an issue with scopes in LANDesk 9 sp2.  Scopes don't seem to work as expected (or the same as 8.8 sp3).  The scopes separate the devices in all devices but if I log in with an account with a scope applied I get all 0’s in security and patch for scanned and vulnerable.  However if I right click and select affect computers it shows how many pc’s in that scope require the patch.  Also reports still don't not seem affected by scopes.  If I log in with an account that can only see scope A in all devices computers from scope B appear in reports along with computers from scope A.


      I have installed patches


      LD90SP2-PM - 2011-712


      These at least these patches got me to this point because prior to applying these patches all devices were showing in all devices regardless what scope was applied.



      Thank you,


      Brian Birch