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    PXE Rep Fails


      I am trying to deploy the PXE to a Windows XP machine.  There are no actual servers in the subnet so I will need to make an XP box the PXE rep.  The task fails with the message "Failed to install the pakage".  Manually installing isnt an option due to the fact that there are 80 subnets like this.  Any Ideas?

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          Troubleshooting steps.



          1) Check to see if the paths and files referenced in the script do exist and can be accessed from the client machine.

          2) Open add/remove programs (on the machine that will be the PXE rep) and look for the LANDesk PXE Proxy program. If it's there, uninstall it.

          3) Remove the %ProgramFiles%\LANDesk\PXE directory on that machine if it exists.

          4) Verify that the MSI installer is current on the target machines.



          5) Turn on MSI verbose logging  Click Here



          6) check the MSI log for the failure point.



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            Jason SupportEmployee


            Can you post or attach the log from this failure.






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              This was machine related, the Windows Installer was not working correctly. I had to repair it, then the I was able to get the PXE rep installed.  Thanks for the responses.









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                I was able to create a local file copy script instead of run from source. This fixed that issue.