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    Set CurrentGroup to an attribute via Process

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      We use an auto-assignment in our process, based on a value against each category being copied to an "auto-asign" field on our Inicident window which is picked up by an automatic assignment after first saving a call.


      Our Service Desk want to rationalise our categories and have asked if I can make this optional - i.e. if the Category has no auto-assign value then the sube=sequent auto-assignment should simply assign the incident to the current group.


      So I need some way of setting a default assignment of CurrentGroup that will be used if there is np auto-assign value against the Category.


      I can't reference our auto-assign field on either the Incident or Category  from the subsequent Assignment window via a calculation so that option's out.


      I've tried adding a $CurrentGroup$ macro to the auto-assign field on the Incident Window when the process is first started but this doesn't populate.


      Anyone got any ideas?


      Many thanks - Adam.