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    Incident Management - Reminders Stopped working


      We are using LD Service Desk 7.4.


      Recently we noticed the Reminder emails were not being sent to the users; yet we were still receiving the assignment notifications.

      I can see the the assignment emails in the database, and if I manually send an email from the Reminders in the Incident tree, success. and see the database record.

      Appears something has stopped the automation process. All services look OK, and have been restarted to be sure. Our Dev environment is still working fine, but I cannot find a difference.

      What can I look for which would cause this?

      Also noticed the automated escalation has recently stopped. Could this be related?

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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          MarcelloCentineo Specialist



          Are you talking about reminder or assignments?!

          Note: Reminders have a checkbox "is active" and will be checked by the background service and then send by outbound service.


          assignments will be send directly by the outbound service.


          check on your reminders which will not be send the date+time and if the checkbox "is active" is still set.

          if it's set that's the reason why it will not be send


          set in your config file of outbound the logging level from "error" to "information" and restart the service to get more information in the windows event log


          hope this helps


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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            Check all the services again - It sounds like its something there.

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              Maybe turn on diagnosic tracing in the outbound email configuration file.  That way you might get more information on why emails are queuing and not being sent.

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                The event viewer logs shows what looks to be the cause.


                The Notification Processing task failed with the following error message: Background processing error: Notification message delivery failed for notification of class type 'IncidentManagement.Reminder' with primary key '821f32e1-8436-4f1f-8b9d-8579e2237c71'. Authorisation failure. User is not authorised to invoke the SendMessage business function of the IncidentManagement.Reminder class type.


                The services (Outbound Mail Engine and Serives Background Processing) run under service accounts that are members of Domain Admins.


                Not sure how any permissions could change. Any idea where I can check?

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                  Hi Peter,


                  I would check that the user listed in the "TPS Username" key in the outbound config file has the administrators role. By default this account is SA, however this may have been changed.


                  Also, as you're using Domain service accounts I would double check that the services aren't connecting to an Integrated TPS, if it is then you would need an account in LANDesk that has the domain service account set up as it's Network Login value and again it would need the Administrators role.


                  And finally, as Dave suggested, enable trace logging for further information. You would probably need to enable TPS tracing to capture the information for background services but this should point you in the right direction.




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                    While checking the TPS username and turning on Error logging in the config file, I noticed the LogonPolicy was set "IntegratedOnly".

                    Set this to ALL and the emails and escalations started working immediately.


                    Thanks everyone for you input for this solution.