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    Device name and Display name incorrect


      Hi all,


      I wonder if you can help.   We are using LANDesk9 to image our machines.   All has been fine up to now with our image on HP8440p laptops, but now when using the same image (with additional drivers etc) on our new HP8460p laptops LANdesk doesnt seem to be able to pickup the device name or display name as we have set in the BIOS.


      The PC's seem to pickup a WINDOWS-XXXXXXX Device name and Display name in the inventory. 


      To clarify see  XML with %ldHostname% inputted.     Also the attached public variables for ldHostname.


      Can anyone help me with this issue please.   Our normal PC naming convention is LT000XXX  or PC00XXXX for example.  We are only experiencing this issue on the new HP8460p laptops.

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          The computer must exist in LANDesk for it to be able to name the machine during the imaging process.  Otherwise LD will give it some random generated name.


          If you are trying to image a new machine that have never been on LANDesk before, you can prepopulate the machine name and associate it with either the MAC address, Serial #, IPMI GUID, or Intel vPro GUID under bare metal server.