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    Windows 7 imaging - procedure clarification


      I found a couple of documents here contradicting themself on Windows 7 sysprepping procedure:







      First one says "reboot to Audit mode and install software, drivers and patches". Second one suggest installing everything and then booting to audit mode only to capture an image. Which one is correct?



      Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F3 during boot doesn't seem to be working in my case too (Win 7 x64). It opens up Windows startup menu - the same as F8 key.




      What happens if I follow first procedure - boot to Audit mode and then install software etc. This might require several reboots - should I boot to Audit mode every single time?

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          I have always rebooted into audit mode right after the initial Windows installation. I have kept Windows in audit mode and captured the image for OSD/provisioning. If you do not use LANDesk's HII for drivers then having Windows in audit mode before capturing an image should not be necessary. I was about to stop leaving my images in audit mode because I'm using Microsoft's Driver Package Installer (DPInst) instead of HII. However, SP3 for v9 is looking like it will work well. All I will have to do is point it to my already existing driver collection..


          Also, regarding getting into audit mode it seems like you are pressing this as soon as Windows boots. You need to press this when you reach the Welcome Screen. The computer should then reboot into audit mode.

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            Kamil wrote:




            Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F3 during boot doesn't seem to be working in my case too (Win 7 x64). It opens up Windows startup menu - the same as F8 key.





            This key combo is not pressed during boot, only works when you first install Windows and you are the very first Windows Welcome Screen (that is when you press it).  This bypasses the need to go any further with User Info, Computer Info, ect...


            If you already bypass the screen and booted into Windows for the first time, then you run sysprep and choose reboot into Audit Mode to get into Audit Mode.

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              Whole process seems to be overly complicated and not really working very well.


              First of all, selecting 2 partition as System Partition in OSD Deployment scripts doesn't work in my case. Windows creates 100MB and proper system disk, but capturing image this way causes boot issues on captured machine (few discussions already cover this).


              Changing system partition to 1 solves this issue, however few more arise. I follow this document step-by-step:




              - source PC rebooted to audit mode and then captured as image keeps displaying Sysprep prompt when logged to windows after each reboot


              - deployed image sysprep is only partially complete, i.e. product key isn't entered, machine name isn't generated, local admin password set etc. unattended.xml is copied to system partition when WinPE deployment scripts run as far as I can see from the console, but it looks as nothing is actually being processed. I suspect this is caused by wrong system drive number selected, but changing it to 2 as in the instructions causes boot issues, so no joy here.


              - local admin profile isn't copied as default user template. MS describes how to do it here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/973289 but I can't see any options in Landesk WinPE configuration to do it.




              I'm quite close to preparing sysprep answer file manually and using landesk only to capture and deploy ready image, as this is proving a complete waste of time to me. Either documentation is wrong or my bog standard Dell Optiplex 790 and LD9 with latest patches are somehow extremely unique and don't work.

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                Did you ever get anywhere with this?  I am having the exact same issue...  when following the docs verbatim the OS deploys but wont boot fully. I have tried entering audit mode immidiately after install and after installing drivers and updates neither works.