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    End user acceptance


      I’m looking to convert some of my company’s old paper request forms into Service Desk request.  One of these forms requires a sign off from the end user to say “yes I’ve read your demands and agree to your terms etc…”


      Has anyone successfully accomplished something like this in a Service Desk request?




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          Hi DJ


          You can certainly incorporate this sort of thing into a process design, where it won't procede until the end-user confirms a particular action.


          Some of the OOTB Request Management processes have user confirmation built in to them already for you to use.  You can include auto-generated emails with web-links in them which will open up the particular call automatically, and if you have integrated logon it becomes a seamless exercise.





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            Thanks for the input Paul, looks like an Add Reminder is what I'm probably going to be using for an email notification followed by an Assignment.


            In any event, I just found out that I get to attend Service Desk Boot Camp which is what I really needed!  Think I'll hold off on the form conversions until after the class.



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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Yes I did something similar in one of my solutions where we needed to place a disclaimer box on the main incident window for security purposes and only let the Incident be saved if they gave an affirmative.


              Actually it's a really  simple thing to do. 


              1) Create a reference list in BOD, the window to populate it and add one data value to it eg "Agreed".

              2) Add this as a related object to say the Incident BO

              3) Mod your main Incident form to add this dropdown, maybe in a groupbox to highlight the text and answer required.

              4) Make the answer a mandatory field.


              Voila, you cant save the Incident until the disclaimer is agreed too.