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    HII Download how it Works ? sdclient.exe HTTP Download


      Hey guys ,


      can someone explain me how the HII download with HTTP files exactly works ? Cause i'm searching for a way to download http content from my landesk server .. exactly like the HII driver download does . For me it looks like HIIClient.exe passes its Manufacturer and model information as XML stuff to




      where it receives a list of all files which have been linked in the HII Driverdatabase for this device. Further this list seems to be passed to sdclient.exe which downloads all the files. -> Take a look at HIIClient.log attached.

      So i need to know how to feed sdclient.exe with a list of files to download.Cause i don't think it's possible to download HTTP stuff recursive , something like


      sdclient.exe /f /o /dest="C:\foo\win7\" /p="http://%COREIP%/landesk/files/win7/*"