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    LaunchPad stopped pulling tasks to workstaion


      I have been playing with LaunchPad for a couple of weeks now and have come across a problem where one of my workstations has stopped pulling any tasks I make in Link Management. When I first started I was able to pull down two links and 2 software distributions into the LaunchPad, but for some reason it seems to have stopped, I am able to create new web links and have another computer pull them down but not to my own computer.


      The task xml file is being pulled down to the computer, I am able to see the older task logs but none of the newer tasks show any logs.

      I have restarted the LANDesk Policy Invoker service to see if this would fix my problem, I am running 9.0 SP2. I'm not really sure where to go from here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you