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    Modifying escalation expiry times on the fly


      Hi all


      We have a case management process, where the process may sit for a period of time in a "With Client" status, where we are awaiting for the client to provide further information.  There is currently an escalation on this status, where we allow a client 3 weeks to respond.


      Occasionally a client may ring back asking for more time.  Is there a way we can be prompted to add more time to the escalation completion date via an action?  For example, choose an action that prompts to enter the number of days you wish to extend the escalation by, and then the escalation dates adds that many days to its expiry date, while remaining at the same status.


      I know I could stop the clock and add a reminder to restart it down the track, but I was just wondering if there was a way I could incorporate something within the process design.  Restarting the clock becomes a manual action that needs to be remembered to be done.





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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Paul


          Just a rough theory but it sounds as if perhaps you could have a bulk action to stop and start the clock based on the date specified?  Perhaps you could have a collection on the case process which is called something like "Client Extension Request".  Then on this record you could specify the date that you are extending to and have an automatic action stop the clock once this record has been added.  Then once the date specified on the "Client Extension Request" record is reached your bulk action will start the clock again.  A bit similar to the example in this document:




          Someone might have a simpler idea though!


          Best wishes


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            Hi Karen


            Thanks for your suggestion.  It will obviously take me some time to have a look at this, and it may be we just go manually with a stop clock and a manually set reminder in the mean time.  In essence, your response lets me know that we can't have the expiry times for the escalations changed without stopping and starting the clock.


            The article you directed me too was certainly worth the read, and has opened my eyes to perhaps doing similar things in other processes we have coming up.