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    Inventory is not up to date


      Having a problem that seems to be fairly common with LANDesk and OSX, but none of the resolutions that I have seen here have fixed my issue. 


      We have all our windows systems currently connecting to our server and updating their software inventory, but none of our Macs are.  When the client is installed, they connect and are able to upload their scan file to the server, but dont update any time after that.  We have applied numerous software updates (OS, & 3rd party app patches) to the system and they all still show only the information from the initial software scan.


      I've seet the client to force a scan, created a custom script with the following options


REMEXEC0=/Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/ldscan -F -R


      but none have forced the clients to update their software info.


      Management console does show that the software scan ran successfully, but it still does not show the updated software versions for our apps.


      Any thoughts?