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    Grouping in LANDesk


      Is it possible to group Hot Topics under 1 single icon rather than having to create a Console to place your Hot Topics in?  I want to be able to link all related Hot Topics in a single group which you can expand to then select the Hot Topic you want.  At the moment I just have to create an endless list of Hot Topics with no real order?


      Please advise.

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          Well not directly, but you can get a similar effect.


          Create a series of shortcut groups with the top level names you want and put the templated processes in there in the order you want.  Then use the menu entry Shortcuts in Console to select select the shortcut group and the process within that.  This will not work with WebAccess though.


          The other alternative I've used is to create a category on the incident called Hot Topic and add in the various attributes you want to copy and administer in the values you want into each level of the category.  Then use Windows Business copy rules to copy the contents of the particular Hot Topic attributes into the incident.  When someone selects the Hot Topics, the values will be copied.  A different approach but might be more what you had in mind and should also work in WebAccess