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    Process Precondition using Calculation

    mmonteza Rookie



      I have a process and wanted to limit certain action i.e. Approve to the assigned user and only to group of ServiceDesk.

      This will prevent a normal end-user (even with privilege for approve action) from seeing action at certain stages if they are not currently assigned to the call.

      But, ServiceDesk should have access in the event approvers are not available and delegate SD to do the action.


      Seemed the CurrentAssignment is feasible even with standard condition but to check what group of the user currently logged in is the challenge.


      Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          Unfortunately you can't look at the groups a user is a member of either through a standard or a calculation condition.  You could however check against the CurrentGroup in a standard condition if that would work?



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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            I've considered the challenge too of how to do a "is one of my groups"  in queries.   What I thought of that could work (though havent tried) is to have an string attribute on tps_user that set either via a scheduled calculation or perhaps more performantly an insert/update trigger on tps_user_group such that whenever the group membership is changed then a string field in format "group1;group2;group3" is updated.  Then in query you could use "Contains" in criteria to find these?


            A bodge I know but until the enhancement request comes to allow this then this feature is sorely missed.