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    Date Calculation without non SLA time included??


      I wanted to check here before creating a complex formula in crystal reports or in SQL.  I have a date range between the creation date and the date of a status in the incident process.  I know where both these dates are and can calculate the difference between them but I also need to subtract the non SLA minuets.  Now what do I call "non SLA minuets"?  They are minuets that I would not want to hold against the analyst for the SLA.


      Here is what i consider "non SLA minuets"


      • Non Business Hours
        • Some of our SLA's are only calculated during business hours.  This means that nights and weekends shouldn't count against the date/time calculation.  We know where this table is in the database that shows the business hours.
      • Holidays 
        • We also know where the table is that shows the holiday's that we have entered that our company observes


      I just wanted to check here to see if there was perhaps a stored procedure or calculation function in landesk that would help with this calculation.

      Thanks for your time