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    Pre-requisite query & schedule task location.


      Currently hoping to use pre-requisite queries in order to prevent Windows XP packages being installed on Windows 7 machines. In order to achieve this we have created a public pre-requisite query which will exclude non-XP machines. Within a test environment this works fine. However, when placing the scheduled tasks in a 'team area' the result of running the tasks is returned as "Device failed the pre-requisite query." If the scheduled task is then placed within 'My Scheduled tasks' the pre-requisite query functions as intended. (We have found that pre-requisite queries must remain public.)


      The creator of the query is also the creator of the package and scheduled task and is also a member of the team area that the scheduled task was placed within.


      To summarise the issue, the scheduled task only functions as intended when not placed in a team area. It will obviously function correctly if no pre-requisite query is placed on the software package.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?