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    Overflow Error

    Adam Wilden Expert



      I've been trying this morning to create a grouped query showing average time to close for each Incident category.


      Whenever I run this on any real data I get "Results view encountered the following error and cannot run:  OCI-22053: overflow error"


      The query is set up on Incident Resolution and grouped by Incident Category Title.


      We have a Business hours to close attribute which is Int16 and we are trying to use this to get a mean figure.


      We have backfilled thsi attribute with "0" and if we run against any resolutions that are 0 it's OK.  But when we run againsta more recent resolutions which have real values (mostly between 0 and 100) we get the error.


      Query also runs fine if I simply remove the Mean aggregate function.


      Our Service Desk need this info fairly quickly so any help is much apprecieated.


      v7.4 on Oracle.