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    LDMS 9 Batch File Distribution Package not functioning properly

    seattleman1969 SupportEmployee

      Did LDMS 9 change the way batch file commands such as "Echo" are processed within in a Batch Distribution Package?


      We have a Batch DP that prompts the user in a cmd window to select an item from a menu, confirms selection, then runs a separate file. The choice commands seem to be displaying fine but the Echo commands that display the "Menu" have recently stopped functioning. The only item that has changed recently that would potentially affect this package is that we are currently deploying the LDMS 9 agent to the environment.


      Current Agent is LDMS 9 SP2 plus all current MCPs

      Previous Agent was LDMS 8.7 SP5 (Package functioned correctly on this agent)

      Core LDMS 9 SP2 plus all currnt MCPs