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    Disable vPro completely


      We use vPro/AMT quite extensively, but one of our branch locations does not want to use it. Apparently it can't be fully disabled, you can turn it off, but it still tries to obtain a DHCP address - bit annoying in a static assigned environment. Apart from going to each machine and entering a fake IP address in the AMT settings, has anyone attempted to and successfully disabled vPro/AMT?

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          Have you try doing a full unprovisisioning, it should put the machine back to its factory default state. 

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            These machines have never been (and potentially will never be) provisioned. AMT is disabled in the BIOS and anything else I could find in the main AMT configuration menus, but yet they still suck up a DHCP address regardless. There's only 60 machines so we could add a false static IP manually to each to combat this, but not ideal - you'd expect that disabling a setting in the BIOS will *actually* disable it.