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    Creating a report on a running process


      I'm hoping to create a report/query that can be emailed to show if an exe is not running on a group machines. I've looked under the inventory and creating a query for the particular exe, but no where can I find an option to show if it is running or not. Any ideas?



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          zman Master

          Is the EXE a Windows Service? If so look under OS | drivers and Serives

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            Catalysttgj Expert

            Kind of an interesting thought for an improvement in landesk and the software monitoring service. They could easily have a boolean flag that gets set to True=Running when an app is running, and then set to the opposite when not running, and then inventory could pick that up with the rest of the process usage. They've probably kicked it around before and come to the conclusion that the data would be sort of not very useful since it would only reflect the moment when an inventory was executed on a device. That's not really a realtime reference, and might be deemed unreliable. Still it could be useful, if in a limited way provided folks understood its limited nature.

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              No, unfortunately it does not run as a service. The exe runs silently in the background. The exe is CC_ScreenCapClient.exe, which records screen capture for Callcopy software in our customer service department while they are on a phone call with someone. I haven't been able to narrow down which service the exe uses, but will keep digging. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.




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                zman Master

                Inventory does not capture running processes just services. there has been some discussion on this and the use of a new alpha app called inspector. Also even if it did trap this in the inventory it would be a snapshot at the current inventory time, whereas Inspector is real time.  Just for curiosity why do want to know if it is running? You could simply run pslist \\computername.

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                  It's more on an internal political thing. I'm tired of dealing with an application after it fails and was looking to create an alert when it would initially fail. So the lag time would not as long. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                    Catalysttgj Expert

                    Here's a thought, turn this app into a service! There's an assumption here that this thing needs to be running pretty much all the time when someone is logged in, and that it needs to interact with the desktop in order to do the screen scrape, or whatever its doing. There's some limits and you'll need to do some research to determine if this would work for this app, but its possible to use "instsrv.exe", a utility that comes in NT reskit that allows one to create their own windows service that can basically launch an executable, and it can be set up to use specific credentials and set it to interact with the desktop. Of course there's the limits that this creates that come with windows services. Desktop interaction restricts network access, so that could be a deal killer depending on whether or not this app needs to talk out to some other system. There's other things that might make this undoable as well, so the reason for the research, but the biggest benefit that you might gain is restartability, if that's all it needs. You can set a windows service to restart if it dies, so that might save you the trouble of having to worry with the monitoring in the first place. Myself, I'd create a watcher script, compile it as an exe in Wiinbatch, install it as a service, and have it keep the other app running as desired, but that approach is muc moreh involved.


                    One thing you'll need to determine is exactly how this app is launched. Typically apps are triggered by logon, and usually have a "startup" item for this, but they can have a registry entry instead, OR a service. Once you know this part, it can answer some questions that need to be covered to know if the service creation method would even work.


                    Anyways, maybe some of this is useful.

                    Good luck with it.