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    Error when shutting down computer with 3G card Ericson


      Hi there,


      We are experiencing an issue with some portable computers that have an embedded ericson 3G card. After upgrading the LDMS 8.8 agent to LDMS 9 SP2 we are receiving this error message for one of the 3G card components: “The instruction in 0x0012e7fc is referenced to memory 0x00000000 memory can't be “written”” . This only happen when shutting down the portable.

      The executable that provokes the error message is "vmcore.exe" that is a component for the 3G card. If we uninstall the LDMS 9 SP2 agent the issue does not appear. Also if we reinstall the LDMS 8.8 agent everything works OK and with no errors.

      After browsing the User community couldn't find nothing related for this issue. Does anybody have experienced this problem?