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    Windows Update package




      Does any has an idea how to make a package or how to use LANDesk to run  Windows Update in a specific computer.


      I wouldnt like to go to each computer an go to IE then click in Windows Update.

      We can use the automatic shecdule in control panel windows.

      We desabled the automatic windows updates for every computer.


      I dont know if I can to create a package and make a deploy when I want to do it and many time if I want it.


      I cannot get the exe o msi (windows update if it exist)


      Thank you for your help. I know there are many questions but I really dont know how to manage this and if at this point LANDesk can do it.

      I need this for winXP and Win7 x32 bit


      Thank you in advance

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Do you have the patch component for LANDesk?


          Why would you want to do this?

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            We have labs for students.

            the students user doesnt have right to see even the C: drive.

            the automatic windows update is OFF in all the computer and in the Windows XP image too.


            We dont want to make windows updates every day or every monday.

            We want to run updates maybe once a month or once two month.


            It would be great if we can deploy "windows updates" in  the same way that we  deploy Software Package like Adobe (many versions).


            For now a hepldesk guy has remote each computer and go to IE , then windows update and run this manually and it has to be when the student are gone.


            That when I wonder if we can run updates as our convinient date.


            I hoe this answer your question, and let me know if you have another idea how to manage this. I will really apreciate.


            we can turn ON the automatic windows update but we dont want that.


            Thank you.

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              zman Master

              As James says Patch is your best bet or maybe try this http://wuinstall.com/index.php/en/free

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                Thank you for your answers.

                It is done I used LANDesk Patch manager and this is amazing it works perfectly as I was want.


                Thank you for the tip.