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    Only for Remote control??



      Hi, this is my first posting in here.



      I wonder what functions can be done through gateway server.



      Typical scheduled task can be ran through gateway server to remote client? (Like Inventory scanning and OSD...)



      Or only for remote control.



      Best regards.






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          leffrt SupportEmployee

          Only client initiated tasks can be run through the Management Gateway.  This includes the client initiating an Inventory Scan, Vulnerability Scan,and  Software Distribution Policies.  So you can actually install software and patches through the Management Gateway, but it has to be client initiated.  So for software you need to configure a policy and for patches you need to configure Autofix or a policy.  Remote Control also works as you stated.

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            Thank you for your quick answer. leffrt.



            Now I can remotely control my client through gateway server. (gateway server is on VMware)



            But if I try to inventory, Vul scanning , it didn't respond. some error occurs on status window.



            "Unable to load DLL 'shutdownreboot.dll ................"



            I use remote control, right click menu "Management Gateway Remote Control".



            But another commands are....



            How can I solve this problem. Is there any guide to do this?



            I try to search about gateway, there are only introducing how to use remote control.



            Best Regards.









            PS: What's the difference between "client initiated task" and another ?



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              SuperMan SupportEmployee

              "Client initiated" tasks means the clients run the task themselves. For example, you log on to one client which connects to the core through gateway, you start a inventory scan task, this is also called "Client initiated" task. Other tasks like security scan, inventory scan, policy run by "Intel Local Scheduler service" which you configured in the agent configuration are all client initiated.


              But in the LDMS console, if you right click a device and launch a scan, it's initiated by the core. Same to the scheduled tasks in the console.

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                Thanks Leon.



                I got it exactly.



                Then, I can't make such a OSD (using PXE) task in gateway environment client. right?









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                  SuperMan SupportEmployee

                  I do not think you can do that. For PXE boot you need a PXE rep on the same subnet with the PXE boot machine. For gateway client you can not tell where it will go, so you do not know where to place a PXE rep.

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                    PXE definitely won't work, but managed boot will (if you have the bandwidth). Here's an example: http://www.droppedpackets.org/management-gateway-and-remote-control/wipe-a-disk-through-the-gateway/