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    Is it possible to use run-time values in Template Designer?


      Hi all


      As the subject says, I was wondering if it is possible in any way to use run-time values when setting up templates.


      For example, in Request Management, I have an authorisation step required.  In general, the request will go to the Raise-user's manager (as specified in the User's properties in Admin module).  To cater for people being on leave etc, I have placed the "Authoriser" (user link) on the main window to allow the raise-user to select who is going to authorise their request.  However, I would like the default value displaying on the window (via the template I have set up) to be the manager of the user, but I cannot seem to be able to use run-time values here.


      Right-clicking on the attribute gives me the image shown in the attachment:



      Is it just me?  Should this be an ER?