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    Opening attachments

    Robert.Gardner Apprentice

      Some users can't open attachments with the following formats: .docx, .xlsx, .gif

      But they can open attachments with .doc , .jpg & .xls

      How do I enable them to open these other formats?

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Robert,


          ServiceDesk uses the the application associated with that file type in the Windows OS  so it would seem that even if you are not in ServiceDesk you'd not be able to open file types on those user's PC's either IMHO. 


          So my first port of call would be too check out the file type associations in their windows OS to see if any applications are linked.


          Either way dont see this as a specific ServiceDesk problem.





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            Robert.Gardner Apprentice

            Here is the response from the person having the issue:

            "I have no problem double clicking docx, xlsx and gifs from windows explorer by double clicking.  I only have the issue when trying to open them from Landesk."


            So the problem seems to only occur in LANDesk Service Desk.

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              Hi Robert


              We've been having the same issue with .msg attachments but only for some users using webdesk.  As you've discovered they are able to open the attachments outside of LANDesk - in fact this is our current workaround for them, save the attachment to your desktop and open it from there.  We're working with support at the min but I'll let you know what we've done so far.

              Issue only seems to affect some users using Office 2003, not PC specific as when I log onto a PC where a user is having issues it's fine.  Even logging onto the PC with their windows account but my LANDesk account is fine no error.  Logging on with my windows account and the users LANDesk account no error.  Have logged user onto a new built PC he still gets the error and again I don't (just to mention we don't use roaming profiles).  Have cleared temp files, checked permissions on the temp folder everything is ok.  Checked registry settings again everything looks fine.  Thought it was maybe to do with the message header,

              it sends the following header along with the HTTP request:


              Cache-Control: private, no-store, max-age=0


              The “no-store” part seems to tell IE that it is not allowed to keep this document in the cache.  So IE following instructions just deletes the file as soon as it launches Outlook.  Outlook 2007 is able to handle this somehow (I presume it locks the file before IE can get it deleted?) but Outlook 2003 just throws up the error about being unable to find the file.


              But as I stated before not all users of Office 2003 are getting the error.  Basically we've hit a brick wall in trying to get this resolved!!


              Just to confirm the error we get is:

              Can't open file {path\file(.msg)}... The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, or it may be open in another program. Right-click the folder that contains the file, click properties to check your permission for the folder.



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                This could be a stretch but perhaps you need to Add those mime types to your IIS site.  I am stabbing in the dark here.



                Edit:  Just sounds like Lan Desk Doesn't know what to do with those File extensions.  Right click on your website in IIS and go to properties and click on the HTTP Headers Tab, and at the bottom you should see mime types. Click the Mime Types Button and a pop up should come up and say Registered Mime Types.  Click new and for the extension you put .docx and for the type you would add "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document" with out the quotes.  I would do this and have a user test opening a word docx file from service desk.  If that works then add subsequent types in.  These instructions are for IIS 6.

                For Server 2008 and IIS 7 go to run and type inetmgr, double click your site nad inside of the IIS region double click on mime types, and on the right side there should be an add link, click it and perform the same action as above for extension name and mime type.

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                  Robert.Gardner Apprentice

                  After further investigation we've discovered that the problem is only occurring for people connecting with the Citrix client. The MIME types appear in the IIS Server (see attached)

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                    Glad you narrowed it down to the citrix clients. Like I said the symptoms sounded like the mine types could be a possibility. I have never dealt with Citrix clients so I shall bow out to some one with experience there. How ever what is happening with you open a file from the web into a client side application is call content redirection. Could be something you have to configure Citrix side on the server.

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                      Robert.Gardner Apprentice

                      The problem is with Citrix server. As it doesn't have MS Office installed on it, it cannot open the attachments.


                      To resolve this, we've installed office on the Citrix server and we can now open these attachments.

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                        Makes sense thanks for following up with the solution.