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    Virtualize IBM iSeries Access for Windows



      I'm trying to build the IBM iSeries access for windows client as a virtual app. We are just using the PC5250 portion of the software. The launching point for the app is pcsws.exe and I've tested that just running that .exe and specifying the config file in the command line will open it.



      Anyway, when I virtualize it, the virtual app locks up at the splash screen for the IBM client. I'm assuming it's probably attempting to write or read from a directory or registry key that isn't defined in the virtual app build. Only thing is I can't figure out what. So my question is has anyone virtualized this app? If not, does anyone know of any good utilities out there that could monitor a machine when I start the full installed client to see what it's hooking in to or modifying on the system in real time?



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          Tracy Expert


          I'm not sure exactly what this app does, but a quick look on IBM's site would seem to indicate that the program has various "kernel mode" drivers. Kernel Mode access will never work with LANDesk Application Virtualization because we are 100% user mode (on purpose).



          I was going to test this, but could not find the download. If you can verify that the program has no Kernel mode drivers, you can always open a support ticket and we can try to dupe it in house.









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            ale.badin Apprentice


            Hi, a customer asked me for thinstalling this app too.

            are there any news on it?


            did you succeded on virtualizing iAccess Client?


            actually I'm going to check using Process Monitor (look at www.sysinternals.com) if a part of this thing needs to be run in kernel mode, and, if so, which part does.

            any help would be appreciate





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              Binskin Apprentice


              Hi, i havent tried virtualising iSeries Access under LD, but we publish it to users over citrix, the app will hang on the splash screen (often simply just turning white) if it is unable to find the files in C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private, this folder we have redirected to the users home drive, and we see this problem if we have any issues with the file server.



              Hope this helps - Ben