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    Not sure what's going on...


      I'm thinking that I have a LanDesk license limit issue, but I don't know for sure.  I believe our limit on LD is 250.


      The past week or so we've added several clients to LD ( Insert New Computer ).  But they never get a full inventory performed.  If I try to connect to one of them ( with both the binoculars and remote control icons showing ), LD says that it did contact the remote computer, but then says:


        The remote computer is not manager by your server.  ( We only have one LD server. )

        Unable to send a request to the remote computer.


      We had 274 computers first thing this morning.  I've been able to delete three (3), all of which had had complete inventories performed.  When I try to get LD to perform the full scan on any replacement, it doesn't.  If I'm correct about the issue being the license limit, shouldn't LD replace the deleted PCs ( up to the license limit ) with the PCs I'm trying to get a full inventory scan on?  Or is there somethnig else I'm missing?  Something that I have to do?


      Thanks in advance,



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          I do not think that LANDesk is stopping anything from coming into the Database. If it is this is new with V 8.8 (assuming that is your version) The error indicates that the machine does not have a certificate for the Core Server. The Icons only mean that there is a System out there with an agent on the IPaddress thats in the DB. Not necessarily the one your trying to RC. First step is to get a Fresh scan into the Database, Use the program group on the client and add the /F and /Sync switches and run it. You may have to do it twice to get the scan into the database, this should resolve the RC issues. If you dont have access to the machine locally use the Manage Scripts Inventory Scanner script and Edit it and add those switches and then push it.



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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            Wait, you did an Insert new computer... by right-clicking on All Devices?


            I don't think that feature is to be used for devices that can have the agent installed.  That is how you add computers that cannot be scanned so you have them in the asset data if you use LANDesk to print out a list of computers.  Computers that can scan are automatically added when they scan in.

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              Sorry I guess I didnt understand the issue...



              So you have machines out there with Agents on them (that are the correct LD version) but they are not in the database, so you are addding them in manually as Jared indicated? So you still need to get the scans in for these (they might already be in, do a search for the IPADDress, or Name) if they are not then you need to look at the Alert Log or the error scan dir and figure out why they are not. I dont thing the trick we used to use way back when for adding a machine entry in manually so that it can be remote controlled will work with the new RC security methods...



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                The bulk of what we have in the LD db, LD found with its daily scans.  These started about a year ago, when LD was installed.  Along the way, we would find a machine here and there that LD couldn't/wouldn't install the agent on.  This was...typically...due to the XP firewall being turned on.  When we added these machines, or worked on a machine here in IT, preparing it for delivery, we would add it to LD, with the "Insert New Computer", then drag it to the scan in scheduled tasks ( lower pane ), then start the scan.  This is the way we were told to add machines....so this is the way we've been doing it ever since.  We especially want to get a machine into LD BEFORE it leaves IT, so we know we have it in the db, and that we can connect to it.  ( We still have several with which LD will not connect.  We wind up using our old remote control sw, NetSupport. )


                On rare occasions we've had a machine that for...whatever reason...LD couldn't/wouldn't talk to.  ( One was right here in IT, about 8 feet from my desk. )  But we've managed to get past these problems...until now.  All of a sudden it seems that EVERY new machine we add, LD won't inventory.  Right now I have twelve (12) machines in this state.  All have the "mini" inventory ( user added ).  Half have the circle with the slash thru it, the others have the binoculars and the remote.  If I try to connect to any with the remote icon, LD can talk to it, because it says that the computer was contacted, immediately followed by the "...not managed by your server" msg.


                Trying to connect to was contacted using TCP.

                The remote computer is not managed by your server.


                I'm not saying what we're doing is correct, I'm just saying that this is how we've been doing what we do.  If there's a better way, a "right" way, I'm all for it.


                Oh yeah, we're running


                Thanks guys.

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                  You need to make the agent work. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing and it works perfectly on my 8.7 SP5 core server, I can add a machine, remote control it (using Nt Security) and then send a scan and it gets inserted and updates the manually entered computer record. This is just a whole lot of extra work that should not be necessary.



                  Depending on your Agent Config you should have an inventory running when the agent gets installed and then again when someone logs in and/or when the local scheduled task runs. If these are not getting inserted into the database, and you do not see any errors on the machine about the scanner then they are in the error scan directory.



                  SO things to check



                  Make sure the Inventory service is running and the Retries Value in advanced Inventory Properties is set to 1000 (at least).  (if you change it restart the service)



                  On the client machine Edit the Properties of the Start | Programs | LANDesk Management | Inventory Scan and add these switches at the end /F and /SYNC. And then run it.



                  You should see the inventory GUI, and it should go through all 3 steps Hardware Device Drivers Software. On the core if you look in the file://Corename/LDMAIN/LDSCAN directory you will see a .tmp and then it will disapear. Go to the console all devices and set your column set to show the "Last Updated by Inventory Scanner", and then hit the refresh button and sort on that column, your new machine should be right on top. If it is not then it is in the errorscan or errortrans under the Ldscan folder.



                  If for some reason it is not in one of those folders from start run do an output scan "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE" /f /o=scan.scn /V, take the scan.scn file that will be in the ldclient directory and place it in the ldscan directory on the core and see if the machine gets added.



                  If you post the error I am sure someone here can help you resolve it. There are a lot of patches and service packs for 8.7 the version number you gave is the base 8.7, do you have any service packs installed?



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                    ahe Expert


                    Did you try to install the agent with a own package?



                    You can create a "self-contained client installation package" in the "Agent configuration" menu. Right click on your  agent configuration.



                    This tool generates a  EXE file which you can start with login script, GPO or manual on your client. After installation a inventory scan will be started (this can take a while) and the data will send to the core. 



                    If you do not have a full inventory after the scan is finished (s. Task manager of the client or check if the  following file exist  %programfiles%\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\invdelta.dat) then it is a license issue.



                    I don't know if this license issues are fixed now, but we've similar problems with license issues in the past...  which blocks the console or adding new clients!













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                      Sorry this response took so long...obligations elsewhere... 


                      For the moment...the Inventory service recommendation seems to be the culprit.  Back when we had that machine here in IT that LD wouldn't inventory, I believe that it was in fact, my changing the retries and stopping/starting the service that finally got it to work.  ( But of course, I forgot about stopping/starting the service until your reply "reminded" me. )


                      I changed the value to however high it'll go.


                      So now I have to ask...whats going on?  Why do I periodically have to stop/start the Inventory service, for LD to do its job?





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                        There are a number of things that will cause the Service to stop, most will be logged in the application log on the core so you can go through those and resolve the issues to minimize this, (most are data insertion related, the column size may not accomodate the data) but it will always cycle, so as long as your Retry value is set up high enough to cover these cases you should not need to be concerned further.