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    WinPE 2.0 and Provisioning



      I've got WinPE 2.0 as a menu optioni on our PXE boot (Landesk PXE Server) and I've tried following the docs from droppedpackets to incorporate the Landesk Agent, Remote Control, and Provisioning but I'm having some issues.



      1)  It looks like there's some major differences between PE 1.5/1.6 & 2.0 including paths and how it all works, I guess since one is based on XP and the other Vista I can understand that.



      2)  Provisioning launches, provides a menu similar to what I'd see in the Landesk console but whenever I start a template that requires PXE it errors out with the following:



      action index=4928 type=Partition






      error:[80001805h]The next template action must run in the pre-boot environment.  Reboot the device into the pre-boot environment to continue running the template.\nOr, edit the template to reposition the action.



      Execute result:









      3)  I can run some provisioning templates that are simple registry imports without error so I guess it's just a matter a figuring out how to tell it that I'm in PE and not Windows.