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    Database Performance




      On Friday we moved the db to a different sql server because we were having performance issues with lost connections to the old sql server


      One your technicians sent the guidelines through for configurating the MDM which seemed to work fine


      However all day today we have been having major performance issues with the Service Desk when opening a call we get a white screen, it slow saving, using the dropdowns etc


      We have checked the Snapshot isolation and that is ok


      Can anyone shed any light please




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          We just moved our database a few weeks ago with no problems.


          We followed these steps:


          1.  Shutdown services on the app server and also stopped IIS on both the app and web servers.


          2.  Moved the database with all appropriate SQL authorities.


          3.  Changed the tps.config on the app and web servers to point to the new SQL instance.


          4.  Restarted services on the appserver.


          5.  Restarted IIS on both the app and web servers.


          6.  Reconfigured WebAccess to point to the new SQL server instance.



          7.  For good measure, did an IISReset on both app and web servers......



          I hope these steps help.  Otherwise, there are documents in the community for moving or migrating the database.

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            I'd also review the performance.pdf guide and check things like metadata caching is turned on for Console users.  Can you use webdesk ok?

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              A thought I had was are you using Desktop Manager as you maybe (or other data connections) still have connections setup against your old database server.  Maybe DesktopManager check on this connection as it builds the roght-click menu when an Incidnet opens and hence the white-out whilst the connection times out?


              Just a thought.



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                We are not using deskmanager but I have a feeling that it maybe installed, sorry long story nobody is sure here of what our config is, can you advised on how I can check if it is install and what configuration I need to look to see if it is trying to connect to the old db


                Many thanks


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                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                  Look for the Desktop Manager shortcut in your ServiceDesk shortcut group; maybe in the Administrtaion or designer groups if you have them. You can add if not found.  Once you have the shortcut you can open and check if anything is configured.