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    Reboot action : Boot to managed WinPE (=PXE simu)




      In a provisionning template, we can choose the action "Reboot/Shutdown" and then use "Boot to Managed WinPE(Virtual Boot)" to simulate a PXE boot.


      The big problem is that the boot.wim image is copied from the core server, and not from preferred server. (so 127MB WAN trafic for a computer in another country)


      So my request : what is the exact command lines executed when action is Reboot : "Boot to Managed WinPE(Virtual Boot)"


      I want to make a script or template to download boot.wim file from preferred server, and not from core server.




      (i can't understand why LANDesk doesn't have thought about to be able to provisionning exclusively from preferred servers (LAN traffic) to avoid WAN traffic...)