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    Unique Device ID question/issue


      I'm looking for some direction.


      We have a virtual desktop environment (Citrix Xen Desktop) of about 6,000 desktops. These desktops have a LANDesk inventory/remote control (not SWD) agent on them. Occasionally, when using the LANDesk console to remote to a virtual desktop, LANDesk connects to a different desktop (not the one selected).


      • The desktops are all pre-generated with unique device names (xendesk####).
      • Those desktops all have unique MAC addresses as well.
      • When the desktops are generated (using the Citrix tools) they are essentially "frozen" in the state of the "source" desktop, other than the unique name (which is tied to AD). I don't know if the desktops have had the LANDesk unique device ID stripped currently, but I'm pretty sure at one point they did.
      • Once a week (give or take) the "master" image is unfrozen and edited, then refrozen. As the desktops that are derived from that master reboot, they get the new version of the master image.


      Should we be stripping the LANDesk unique ID from the master image every time it is edited?

      If we do that, every time a desktop reboots (potentially daily) it would generate a new unique LANDesk ID (but still have the same name and MAC address).


      My fear is that thousands of devices have the same unique LANDesk ID and that could cause problems from a remote control standpoint.


      My other fear is that if we strip the unique ID, I'll end up with (literally) hundreds of database entries with the same name and MAC address but unique LANDesk device IDs.


      Any idea what the best approach is here?

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          You will definitely not want to leave the GUID registry values (plural because its in two places in case you weren't aware of this already) in any image/snapshot file that is used by every device. This would basically cause all your devices to overwrite each other in the database one right after another. Last one in would be what the record would represent, so that's no good. You're right, that you could end up with duplicate device records over time, but the good news is that if these devices are always named the same then the core will remove the duplicates each night, or whenever you have it configured to do the maintenance. If you look under the "Configure" menu in the Console, and bring up "Services", and then click on the "Inventory" tab, you'll see a couple buttons next to "Manage duplicates". You can click the "Duplicate Devices" button and choose what you prefer, but i would advise against rushing into using MAC address match. This could be a problem. More importantly however, you'll see a check box for "Restore old Device IDs". Research this, and you may choose to use this to solve the whole problem. You'll still want to clear the GUID registry values from your snapshot, but this option is probably going to make it work much better for you, hopefully! Here's a link on how this this option works: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-19844



          Good luck!