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    Help Handling multiple escalations through a process


      We have a process built to deal with Student Laptops booked into our system.  It is a complex process as we need to keep updated information to the End User on the status of their laptop as well as keeping the Laptop Actively moving through the process.  In a nut shell the process is below.


      Attached is extract of Process design


      1. Open Incident Action - assign to onsite technican - status set to Insurance Form Pending

      At this stage the student has made contact and we have handed insurance forms to him to be signed and paid by parents -  This requires a Escallation of 5 days so that we do not just forget about it.

      2. Forms Returned Action - remains with onsite technician - status set to Insurance Payment Processing

      At this stage the laptop and papers have been handed in,  The technician has a short period of time to take papers to accounts for the insurance to be paid and processed - At the stage the escalation points for the previous 5 days should say completed and new escalation points created for the technician to act within 24hrs


      This is just the first two steps it goes through reassignment at stages because of Calls being made by help desk and so fourth, eventually when all is complete the Laptop is returned to In-Progress where the escalation is reset to a time frame appropriate with getting device back to student.


      I know this rely's heavily on Escalation Activation and Escalation Completeion but I am trying to find the mix that makes sure the job never goes into time stop as we deal with a lot of laptops and need to make sure that one never gets forgotten.


      At best I only seem to be able to get the previous escalations to cancel.  Also the color which is triggered from the escalation does not reset from new escalations.



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          Hi Shaun


          Firstly in reponse to setting the colour back after an escalation is complete, it is actually something you need to build into your process design as an automatic action if you wish to reset it - just because the escalation is over, if the colour changed as part of it, it will not reset it.  See http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-12557 for details.


          Escalations should only "Cancel" if a new escalation replaces it, as in if the 'Response Level' changes. I'm not sure how you've set your escalations up - perhaps a screenshot may be helpful.  If you have set up the "Completion" criteria as leaving the same status it was activated on, then I would have thought it would have worked.




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            Hi Shaun,


            These escalations should be triggered on entering and leaving each status, i.e. when it enters "Insurance Form Pending" an escalation should begin by having a Activation Status of "Insurance Form Pending" and a timeframe of 5 days. Then the completion status should be "Insurance Form Pending" and should be set to Leaving Status.


            Repeat this for each status escalation as necessary, also to reset the colour the first Escalation Action in each escalation should be a colour change back to white or nothing. Set this to occur at 0:00 and it should happen immediately upon the old escalations being completed and the new ones created.




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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee



              When reading your scenario I wondered if it might be an idea to have seperate tasks created at each stage in the process.  Each task could then have its own set of escalations that start and stop independently when they get to the right status. Then you could have another escalation which is always running against the main process and sending out escalations, to ensure that things never get forgotten.


              Or if this is easier, you could have scheduled bulk actions that automatically run an action start the clock if its been stopped for a certain amount of time. Or to to send out a reminder if the clock has been stopped for a certain amount of time.


              Best wishes