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    distribute software task



        Has anybody been successful in using the distribute software task in provisioning?  I am using 8.7 SP5 and the provisioning history displays: "this action can only be completed after the agent configuration action, or after other agents  have been installed on the server".  There is already an agent  installed on the machine with the software distrubtion component.  Other provisioning tasks work and the distribution packages also work when deployed via normal delivery methods.






      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Hi Ralph,



          Do you have any news for that?



          Because I have the same issues, I cannot use the distribute software with the provisioning in the "system configuration" part? thare is an always failed with the error.









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            We have been having problems with Software distribution during provisioning as well but with fresh installation of Version 8.8.



            I have been in contatct with LANDesk about this and they have a possible workaround. 



            Afeter creating and sceduling the Provisioning Template look at the XML.  There should be a section for the Application Distribution parameters>


                <SwdSnippet><GlobalSchedulerData ... And lots more data </SwdSnippet>




            For some reason on our system this was cut to <SwdSnippet\>



            The workaround from LANDesk is as follows:


            Create a template with only the software you want to distribute. Then on the client under Windows, run manually from the server the LDProvisioning.exe. (Do not schedule the template). The commands look like the following:

            e882k3\ldlogon\provisioning\windows\ldprovision -c e882k3
            Note: replace e882k3 with your own core server name
            LDProvisionin will start, connect the server and it will ask you to enter credential, leave the 'Domain' blank, enter the credential of one of the local administrators group.
            Choose the template you want to execute. And normally it should work. Then after the install, edit the template, go to the XML part and have a look under the <SwdSnippet> part. You should see a lot of information on it. This are the miss information on the not working template . Then you can delete the 'Install Acrobat Reader' action from the template, then include the template which you just manually ran, adjust the order and try again the new template.


            Thanks to Leon and the rest of the team...



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              Hi Traveller,






              Thanks for your update. I don't know if you have open a LANdesk ticket... but your solution id exactly the same I have found 2 month ago. Have a look on this article I wrote:






              For my case the LANdesk support was unable to answer me, I debugged by myself and the conslusion is the same as your post.



              I hope LANdesk will modify something with the SP1.






              Many thanks for confirmation...









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                Hey guys, just so you know this is being addressed by the Provisioning Engineering team.  We are hoping to have a fix out soon for this.



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                  Binskin Apprentice

                  Hoping to hear back on this fix soon, currently just executing batch files and exe's instead at the moment.

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                    This fix should be in 8.8 SP1.