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    AHCIX86.SYS error in WinPE under 8.8



      I'm attempting to capture and deploy LANDesk images using WinPE.  The computers we're using are HP dc5750 models with AMD processors.  I've been able to successfully inject the needed network card drivers into the WinPE image, but WinPE can't find the SATA hard drive.  I've downloaded the hard drive controller drivers from HP's website and injected the txtsetup.oem file into the image (as an OEM driver like the instructions have indicated).  This, however, causes the WinPE to fail rather spectacularly as soon as the image is downloaded to the computer and it attempts to start the PE.



      The particular error I get is an "Unexpected error (18)" caused by the AHCIX86.SYS file.  Happens even on non-HP machines I've tested it on, so I assume that it has something to do with the driver injection apparently not working properly.  However, I'm at a loss as to exactly what to do - I see problems with Intel drivers all over this board but this computer has an ATI-based chipset.  Any suggestions?