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    Driver repository for SP3




      I am a liitle concerned with the changes made to the HII Driver Management in Service Pack 3, in that there is little information regarding migrating your existing driver database as per SP2 into the new repository. My existing Driver repository is held on the core server, the new repository will be held on a seperate NAS share. My questions are: -


      1. Is there a migration checklist of reconfiguration required post service pack application?
      2. is the any best known method docs on using the SP3 Driver management tool?
      3. can i simply copy the existing driver library held on the core server to the NAS and point the driver manangement tool at the new UNC path to the repository?
      4. Is there a Admin guide PDF available for download  that includes information regarding all new features so that i can identify any reconfiguration work required prior to the upgrade.


      Essentially i would like to be fully prepared/aware of things that will be broken by design before applying the upgrade.



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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          Hopefully most of the information you are looking for can be found here: About LANDESK Hardware Independent Imaging (HII).


          There are several linked documents that go into more detail about each component/part of HII in SP3.


          As for your specific questions:

          1. No, there isn't a checklist. That probably would be a good idea. There isn't much to do. Open the UI for the new HII Repository Manager, click Save to build the library, and you should be ready to go.
          2. Yes. Take a look at the document linked above and the other documents that it links to.
          3. Yes. You can just copy the driver files from your Core Server to your new storage location. However, the HII Driver Repository must have UNC and HTTP available. See About the LANDESK HII Driver Repository for more details.
          4. I think all of that information is in the documents already listed. Let me know if you don't find something you are looking for.


          We are really excited for the new HII functionality, and I hope it simplifies your work in this arena.

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            There is no need to import via the HII Driver Manager dialog (LD 9.0 SP3 obsoleted its usage) you only need to import your drivers into the driver folder, In a Dell shop, EXPAND.EXE your Enterprise CABs into the drivers folder and run the manager icon to detect/import the new drivers into the HII database.