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    Fail to retrieve Physical CPU count




      We  encounterer a lot of problems when we want to list the number of Physical CPU of our machines.


      My search is based on these fields : Inventory > Processor > « Processor Count » and Inventory > Processor > Features > Cores per Package


      I've notice that there's a lot of error when Hyper Threading is activated.


      For Example :

      Os : Microsoft Windows   Server 2008 R2 Server Enterprise Edition (full installation), 64-bit

      Processor : Intel(R) Xeon(R)   CPU           E5630  @ 2.53GHz

      Processor Count value : 16

      Cores per Package : 16

      Hyper-Threading : Yes

      Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem | select NumberOfProcessors : 2 ( This is the good value )


      This error is present on a lot of our server.


      Could you tell me why the processor count has this value and where can I find the true value of the number of physical CPU ?




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          Here's the response of the Landesk Technical Support :


          Jan 5, 2012 3:29:07 AM | YingWei Zhang
          Confirmed with backline team,this is because Windows doesn't currently report physical processor count (confusion between cores, processors and threads) in a way that is usable to us.



          So there's no way to get the real number of processor in the inventory. :'(

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            what version of LANDesk are you using?

            May suggestion is to try (even in a test environment) LD9 SP3 and deploy on a test machine the LD9 SP3 agent.

            If the CPU number is still not good and you have other ways (script, executable, script that uses a WMI query)  to obtain this data you may consider to try to implement the suggestions contained in the following article to extend the inventory scanner capabilities:http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5730

            Kind regards,

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              For information, we have exactly the same isssue.

              Currently we have deployed SP3 with CP 0605 and the error is still present on a third of all deployed device but not all :-(


              This is mainly true for Virtual machine. If we try to change CPU number fo the VM next inventory is correct but the error appears again later...